The Bully Vaccine Home Vaccination Toolkit


The Bully Vaccine Home Vaccination Toolkit


How to inoculate yourself against bullies and other petty peopleIf you or your child is coping with a chronic bullying situation and you are looking for a comprehensive program that will help you come up with an effective strategy to get it to stop, this toolkit can help.

Kids who are being bullied need practical help. They don't want to be told it will get better. They want to know HOW to get a bully to stop now.

This toolkit provides step by step instructions on how to develop a plan that will make the bullies stop.

It contains a free copy of The Bully Vaccine as well as 2 1/2 hours of training videos, workbooks and worksheets that will help you and your child create a comprehensive strategy to deal effectively with the bullies and get them to stop.

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