The Bully Vaccine - how to inoculate yourself against bullies and other obnoxious people  

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Library Donation Project

Donate a copy of The Bully Vaccine to your favorite library!


How to inoculate yourself against bullies and other petty people

I have a dream. That dream is to teach every kid in the country how to not be bullied. Imagine what the world would be like if no child learned how to bully because their peers knew how to get them to stop. What sort of society would we live in when these kids grew up?

Bullying is a learned behavior and it can be unlearned, but it is much better for everyone, if no one learns how to bully in the first place. A pipe dream? Perhaps, but it is technically possible and we should therefore be working very hard to acheive this goal.

The problem is that this won't happen unless parents and kids across the country have access to the information they need to learn how to train bullies not to bully. Put simply, my book can't help people if they don't know about it or have access to it.

In order to make my book available to people everywhere and to help as many people as possible with this knowledge, it needs to be in the libraries where people can get to it.

According to the American Library Association there are over 16,000 public libraries in America and another 99,000 school libraries. That means there are over 115,000 libraries that should have my book in stock. I would love to donate my book to all of them, but I can't afford to pay for the printing and shipping of that many books.

This is where I need your help. I am hoping you will help me crowdsource this project. All you need to do is to purchase a copy and donate it to the library of your choice. And then encourage your friends to do the same.

Book Donation Information

Please be aware that there are two versions of the book (the full version and For Sensitive Readers which omits the chapter on sexual and religious bullying and suicicde). Depending on the library, you may want to donate one or the other or both.

Both versions are priced at $7.99 for paperback.

The full version of The Bully Vaccine and/or For Sensitive Readers are good choices for public libraries, For Sensitive Readers is the version you should purchase if you are planning to donate it to elementary and middle school libraries. The full version of The Bully Vaccine is more appropriate for high school libraries.

Special Donation Discount

While you are free to purchase these books through online retailers, I can offer you the books for $6.99 through my store at CreateSpace - just type in - TN52AUVX - as your discount code to get the discount. Be sure to double check prices though as sometimes the online retailers discount the books further so check around to get the best price

The Bully Vaccine at CreateSpace

The Bully Vaccine: For Sensitive Readers at CreateSpace

Bulk discount: If you would like to purchase the books in bulk (10 or more), please contact me directly as I can get you a bulk purchase rate.