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The Bully Vaccine Project

Teaching the science of HOW to get a bully to stop

Kids need practical how to advice, not meaningless platitudes!


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How to inoculate yourself against bullies and other petty peopleEvery parent worries that their child will become the victim of bullying. And for good reason. At some point, most kids will be bullied.

For far too long bullying prevention has focused on survival. The common wisdom is that you can't stop bullying, so the best you can hope for is to survive with without too much trauma.

While it is certainly true that things do eventually get better, wouldn't it be more effective and less traumatic to teach people HOW to get bullies to stop?

My approach is unique. I won't just teach you how to get bullies to stop, I will teach you the science behind WHY these techniques work so that you and your child will be able to finally get bullies to stop.

Bullying can be stopped but it takes knowledge and a commitment to get it done. If your child has been dealing with chronic bullying, you owe it to them to teach them the skills they need to be successful.

If you have tried everything and are finally ready to do what it really takes to get bullying to stop, my books and programs can help. I can teach you:

  • Why bullies bully and what makes a bully tick
  • How to stop bullying using the science of operant conditiong
  • How to become fearless in the face of the truly obnoxious

Does it Really Work?

The skills I teach are based on Operant Conditioning . These techniques are well studied and work so well, they are the foundation of all modern behavioral management programs. This is the science behind most successful weight loss programs, smoking cessation programs and more. What I provide is training on HOW to apply these principles to the problem of bullying.

I you let me, I will teach you all you need to know to apply the principles of positive and negative reinforcement to the specific problem of retraining a bully to no longer bully.

The goal is to reduce the reward a bully gets from bullying and to simultaneously increase the cost of continuing their bullying behavior until they give it up.

And yes, it really does work and can successfully be applied to any bullying situation from teasing, to threats of violence to actual violence including cyber bullying/stalking.

Should you have to deal with this? No. But if you or your child is suffering from bullying, you don't have many good options. You can either allow it to continue and hope for a miracle. You can muddle along as you already have trying a variety of techniques that only serve to make the problem worse because you are inadvertently training your bully to escalate their behavior because you do not know enough about how to properly manage the rewards and punishment that affect their behavioral choices. Or, you can take the time to learn what you need to do to make it stop.

Now is the time to learn the science of HOW to get a bully to stop

5 Ways To Learn

1) The book: The Bully Vaccine

2) The Bully Vaccine Home Vaccination Toolkit

3) Programs and Presentations

4) Additional Resources on bullying prevention and Operant Conditioning

5) Free programs:

Talk to Your Child's School About Bullying - Free Program! and What to do if your child is a bully

What People are saying:

Jen Hancock did a training for my staff on bullying using a book she has published called The Bully Vaccine. It was very informative and many of my staff bought a book so they could use the techniques in therapy. I would highly recommend that schools and other community organizations take advantage of this training.

Ann Burke: Clinical Manager, Children’s Outpatient Mental Health, Manatee Glens

"The Bully Vaccine is an easily digestible book that should be added to your anti-bullying bookshelf. Don’t let the kid-friendly book cover fool you – Jen addresses issues that are relevant to adults as well." -

Andrea Weckerle of CivilNation.org

"I really enjoyed reading your book. I think it can be a great tool for kids and parents alike! It was interesting, provided helpful, useful, real-life tips and was 'readable' for young people." -

Maggie Davenport, assistant director for ALSO Out Youth

Why am I qualified to teach this material?

The reason I decided to write the book and share my knowledge was because I realized the knowledge I was carrying around in my head about how to effectively deal with bullies and other obnoxious people was too important not to share. If you know how to get bullies to stop, it is immoral not to share this knowledge.

It turns out my knowledge and skill set are rather unique. Not only did I study psychology in college and so learned the science behind operant and classical conditioning, I am also trained as an animal trainer which means that I have practical experience putting the theory of operant conditioning into direct practice. I know the theory and the reality of how this process works!

Jennifer Hancock training dolphins in college

Additionally, I was taught by my mom how to interact with bullies in a way that would make them not want to bully you when I was a child. What she had taught me not only worked, it helped me to become fearless as an individual. Keep in mind I was a shy child with a deformed jaw and yet I was never bullied and the confidence I gained from knowing how to stand my ground in the face of obnoxious people helped me to become the succcessful and outgoing person I am today. These are the same techniques I have taught my son and that he has put into practice successfully as well.

It turned out that what my mother taught me was based on the principles of Operant Conditioning. As a young adult in college, I had the good fortune to become a trainer of dolphins for a language congnition research facility. It was because I was trained how to train, I learned operant and classical conditioning techniques and how to apply them successfully in a variety of situations.

I know this works. I know WHY it works and more importantly, I know how to explain in it a way that makes sense so that you can learn how to do this as well.

Who can benefit?

I have had parents of kindergartners tell me that they have used my book successfully with their five year olds. I have had a parent of a middle schooler who was bullied for 3 or 4 years tell me they were able to teach this material to their son and he is now successfully bully free.

Is it easy? No. It takes courage. But once you are armed with the knowledge of what to do and how to do it, it will give you and your child confidence to tackle this chronic and devasting problem head on so that your child no longer has to suffer.

Don't Waste Anymore Time Wishing Your Problems Will Go Away

Start learning what you and your child need to succeed today.

Get my book The Bully Vaccine

For more indepth learning purchase your copy of The Bully Vaccine Home Vaccination Toolkit

And be sure to check out these Additional Resources on bullying prevention and Operant Conditioning

Artwork by Nicol Cox ( Nicholcox.carbonmade.com)

Jennifer Hancock is the author of The Bully VaccineAbout the Author:

Jen teaches parents practical ways they can protect their kids from bullying. Using techniques she learned from her mother as well as from her experience as a dolphin trainer in Hawaii. These skills are so easy to learn even a kindergartner can understand them.

As a mother herself, Jen taught these skills to her son when he was a kindergartener and he was easily able to put them into practice the very next day. And, yes, they worked, he even endorsed her book, The Bully Vaccine.

Raising the Next Generation of Ethical, Compassionate and Responsible Adults

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